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The creative industry is growing, and our mission is to be there to meet the increasing demand for creative tools and services. Now and in the future.

Creativity has been named by the World Economic Forum as one of the most important skills to have in 2020. Our belief is that art is a universal language and that there is an artist in everyone. We also believe that creativity play an important role in society as well as in the business world.

We want to hero the creatives. The following four people are living a true creative lifestyle, where they are not only inspiring others around them – they are making a difference in people’s lives.

  1. Kelly Anna

    Artist & Print Designer

    KELLY ANNA is a Print Designer who creates bold, colourful illustrations using a broad range of media. In high demand, Kelly has recently worked with Nike, Illustrated People, and the Art of Ping Pong and is a freelance print designer for Sophia Webster.  For every design, before moving onto digital tools, Kelly will sketch, paint, and draw because for her “it all starts with the material”.

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  2. Kelly Anna
  1. Graeme Black

    Creative Director

    GRAEME BLACK is a Creative Director, he uses our products to create mood boards and creatively communicate his ideas to fashion houses such as Hugo Boss, Desa and Les Copains. Graeme has had his own design consultancy business since 2005 specialising in fashion strategy, collection design development, through to branding and store development.

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  1. Gordon Cheung


    GORDON CHEUNG uses materials in an unorthodox manner – he takes our paint moulds it, sprays it and layers it to create unusual sculptural landscapes on the canvas. Represented by galleries in London, Hong Kong, Miami and Dubai, Gordon’s unfamiliar use of materials has proved popular perhaps because he has nurtured his core reasons for making art.

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  2. Gordon Cheung
  1. Stewart Parvin


    STEWART PARVIN is a Couturier with over 25 years’ experience of making clothes for the rich and famous. His hands on attitude towards the creative process and his exacting eye for technical detail have helped him to produce renowned outfits. Even to this day every single one of his designs begins with a sketch and a technical drawing, made by Stewart.

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